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Site Prep for a tiny home on wheels

June 9, 2021

So you want to live in a tiny home or place one on your property maybe as an Airbnb, Mother In Law unit or backyard office? Congrats! The first step in the tiny home journey is a giant leap of faith but a rewarding one. First off if you not handy we highly recommend working with a licensed contractor to make your dreams a reality. My name is Brent Tulloch and I’m a professional licensed contractor for Trueland Development, LLC. A company Todd McKellips CEO of Seattle tiny homes, INC and the executive director of the Washington tiny house association and I started back in 2014 to address housing affordability and equity. Working hand in hand with Seattle Tiny Homes, Inc we have developed backyard spots as well as tiny home community spaces all over Washington and I’m here to share some tips on developing your spot!

Sure you can park your RV tiny home most anywhere, run and extension cord across the lawn and fill your tanks, use a portable Camco tank rolling it around to find a dump station which can be backbreaking work and just not sustainable long term. Ideally for ease you want to not only invest in your forever home but also the space is occupies.

Areas of focus:


Optimum for stability assault or cement is ideal and runs about $6-15 a square foot depending on the work. A Less pricey way is to pour road base 5/8s minus gravel and compact it. Normally good to have a depth of 7inches.  

More on Pads…


Code dictates in Washington Water & Electric need to be a certain depth, 30inches is great to run PEX or PVC water lines to the home, insulate when you start coming up and make sure electric is outdoor usage and the right gage wire.

Utility Connects…


Septic and Sewer must be installed to local health dept codes and by a septic certified professional. There are lots of codes permits and options when it comes to septic or sewer connections but I recommend using a professional and asking them to install a Dump station for an RV. 

Utility Connects…


Home Depot has a great set of anchors to help with wind. but ideally to include them in cement pad is extra security. Lighting the tiny home area is a great security tool as well as removing wheels, skirting, locking trailer and installing a doorbell camera especially for vacation homes .

Anchoring and Security More…


Ideally its good idea to remove wheels if parking permanently on your property, using cement blocks makes home more steady. 

More on blocking…


Perfect leveling is an art and even dirt can settle after weight on it for some time. Leveling may need a few tries before perfecting. 

leveling how to…

Tires & Wheels

In RV parks you’ll have to level with levelers and keep tires on the unit but otherwise on your own property removal and storage underneath is advised.


All this maybe overwhelming, If you don’t know where to start give me a call and I’m here to help.

Brent (at) 425.988.LAND

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