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who we are

Seattle Tiny Homes Inc.

Seattle Tiny Homes specializes in tiny homes 400sq ft or smaller. Since 2010 we have been the premier Washington builder of structures on wheels. We believe smaller abodes create serenity and simplicity, and are better for the environment.

You can use a tiny structure as a home, a mother-in-law apartment, a retirement cottage, an extra bedroom for a college student, a home office, or a studio. We personalize your home and build it to the highest standards of quality. All our completed structures are licensed as RV travel trailers, Park Models & Modular Houses.

Mon-Fri: 9AM – 5PM
Saturday: By APT Only.

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Lifetime premier tiny homes built to last a lifetime. Legendary construction is what we aim for in our production lineup, no duck tape, even if it takes more time we want to do it right. 

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