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Todd McKellips

TMTodd McKellips started constructing and remodeling homes at an early age. 

In 2012 he married his beautiful wife Morgan and they have 2 Children living in Puyallup. Todd’s resided in Homer Alaska, Boise Idaho, Tyler Texas, but Mostly Washington.

Giving back to the community, solving homelessness, being a catalyst for a massive culture shift.

Working towards a society where we take back the peoples power towards home ownership for all. 

 Small for all…


Todd McKellips a social entrepreneur, philanthropist, chaplain and family man. "What do you not do?" Is something he hears quite often! He is a compassionate advocate for people living in poverty, as he has seen homelessness firsthand after a traumatic back injury with Pierce County Sheriff Department in 2005. Todd is the state chapter leader for the American Tiny House Association a national effort with affordable housing as at his core mission. He is passionate about bringing home ownership to those who can only dream of it. Todd is the director for Washington Tiny House Association and is currently working with multiple elected officials, and even advising government entities such as HUD, Dept of Veteran Affairs. He is closely working with multiple non-profits and investors creating tiny home spaces for homeless and truly affordable housing. Since his early youth, his parents experienced poverty and having to sell nearly all our possessions to keep living in a safe humble home. At a very young age he started working and became a business owner and now has over twenty-six years of entrepreneurship experience running nine businesses currently, as well as an extensive background in criminal justice and public safety. In 2005 he was injured with Pierce County Sheriff Dept which led to homelessness, and a struggle to balance medical condition and a lifestyle of entrepreneurship. He loves serving his local community with multiple non-profits.