Prepping Space With Gravel

I’ve included a few videos if you have the support to DIY GREAT! But we work locally with if your in need of support there are many other trusted contractors in the area we can point you towards. 

Make sure to plan for Water heavy rains in Washington or snow melt. Plan for where is the water going to go, and not into your septic system! 

Plan for utility connections and even planning for tie downs is a great idea for hooking the unit to the ground to prevent wind resistance issues. 

Gravel is recommended to have 7inches of road base and compact as the RV tiny home weight can weigh down the ground and compress over time. Thanks for reading! 




7 inches of depth gravel is ideal below grade including adding a french drain system to move water away. Adding this system is great too: 

DIY Video Tutorial

Plastic Pavers

Connecting or roll out plastic grass or paver systems are great option for those DIY. 

Link 2

Asphalt or Cement 

This is one you probably want to hire a professional on but here some videos on the concept and average cost is $5-10K a space.

Link 3